Amir Suleman


Current role in or relationship with school

Parent Governor at Jack Hunt School (son in Year 7)

Governor, educational and school leadership experience

  • Jack Hunt School Parent Governor since 2017 Member of Resources Committee Since 2017 Working with Behavioural lead
  • Former Director at Peterborough Muslim Education Trust which ran Iqra Academy Girls Secondary School. Current Steering Committee Member at Iqra Academy Girls Secondary School.

Professional experience

  • 20+ years of corporate business development experience, providing multi-million pound enterprise wide software systems and management consultancy services to the Banking industry in the UK, Europe and Middle East around risk management, business strategy and regulation.

Professional and education qualifications

  • BA English Literature 3 x A-Levels 8 x GCSEs
  • Community involvement
  • Founder and Director at Salaam Radio 106.2FM in Peterborough General Secretary at Masjid Khadijah & Islamic Centre, Peterborough Media Contact at Salaam Radio and Masjid Khadijah Interfaith lead at Masjid Khadijah & Islamic Centre Management for twice yearly Eid in the Park event in Peterborough