GOVERNOR DETAILS – Thorpe School Local Governing Body


Governor Details

NameType / Appointing body Term of OfficeStart / End DatesRoles / PositionsBusiness / Pecuniary Interests / other Governance Roles Attendance at Meetings  2018-19
Colin HammondPKAT Appointed4 years31/03/18 – 30/03/22

Chair of Governors, Pupil


Employed by Santander UK Plc, Trustee –

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Anne ClaytonPKAT Appointed4 years31/03/18 – 30/03/22Finance, SEN, Early Years

Volunteer for Witness Support for Crown

and Magistrates Courts in Peterborough and

Huntingdon. Son employed by Ark ICT

Solutions, Pinchbeck, Spalding
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Tracey CheungPKAT Appointed4 years31/03/18-30/03/2022Staff WellbeingNone2 of 5
Manoj SubudhiPKAT Appointed4 years

Maths, Literacy
None2 of 5
Trevor PearcePKAT Appointed4 years31/03/18-30/03/2022British ValuesNone5 of 5
Jo Fillmore Parent (elected)4 years31/03/18-30/03/2022

Safeguarding, Sports

None4 of 5
Seetal Swan Parent (elected)4 years31/03/18-30/03/2022

Data Protection,

Personal friend of graphic designer3 of 5
Lisa LloydParent (elected)4 years31/03/18-30/03/2022

Standards, Assessment,

Curriculum, Admissions

Trustee of PKAT & Employee at Thomas

Deacon Academy
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Kate TrethewyHeadteacherEx officioEx officioEx officio

Husband is a Governor at 2 other schools in

Peterborough, neither of which are PKAT

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Diane WadeStaff Governor4 years18/03/19-19/03/23Vice Chairman 1 of 1