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NameDate of AppointmentDate of ResignationPositionBusiness / Pecuniary Interests / other Governance RolesAttendance at Meetings in 2017-18
Richard Astle12/12/2017Owner and managing director, Athene Communications
Owner and managing director, Athene Holdings
Athene Communications has contracts for the delivery of marketing and PR services to a number of other Multi-Academy Trusts, including CMAT, TDEAT, Cam Academy Trust, Brooke Weston AT, Active Learning Trust and others.
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Roy Duncan12/12/2017ChairGovernor of Folksworth C of E Primary School, Cambridgeshire 1 of 1
Matthew Edwards12/12/2017Employee of Anglian Water Services – Head of Enterprise Data (Chief Data Officer)
Work colleague of Tracey Hedges (PKAT Trustee) at Anglian Water Services
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Claire Higgins18/04/2018Governor of City College Peterborough.
Director of Placeshapers Ltd
Director of Maple and Fairway management committee
Director of Cross Keys Homes Ltd
Director of CHC plc Ltd
Director of CKH Property Ltd
Director of CKH Developments Ltd
Director of PKAT Trading
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Penelope Walkinshaw12/12/2017Board Member of a DfE Fenland and East Cambridgeshire Opportunity Area
Husband, Christopher Walkinshaw, is a Member of BMAT
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